So I won’t be posting on this account anymore. The nerdy travel girl has other things to do so the only two active accounts will be:

Nerdpilgrimage - Mostly because my queue is set for a very long time and I want to post things from there once I became active in that again.

TheSteffie - It will be my actual personal tumblr. It will be the best place to ask questions and advice on stuff. 

Hello folks! I love tumblr and have many accounts because I am lame. I accidentally post to either this one or my nerdpilgrimage one. Just wanted to point that out! This one is my personal one so if you have questions, feel free to ask me here! I’m also on twitter as @TheSteffie or on the RT site as Steffie! 






nerdytravelgirl aka Intern Steffie, throwin’ some shade.

This explains all the favs that tweet got.

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I said “have a nice day!” to this old dude and apparently that’s not fucking good enough because he retrieved his wallet and from like a stack of 30 of these things pulled one out and gave it to me and said something like “I hope you reconsider your choices next time”

holy shit

This is the most self entitled shit i’ve seen all day

what the fUCK

If anyone gave me a card like this:

"Sorry. It’s just that I have my doctorate in English language and literature, with an emphasis on Medieval Literature. Since that was before the dictionary was invented, most of my typos and grammatical inconsistencies are generally correct."


Like customer service workers don’t enough shit to deal with, let alone entitled little dick flowers who expect you to police your language because they don’t want to yield to common fucking (POLITE) colloquialisms.

Do people like this wake up in the morning and make a list over their coffee on how to be completely insufferable and probably ruin some poor cashier’s day? Fuck off.

I had a customer confront me about this too when I worked at a bakery. He had asked for something and in my happy, go-getter attitude I said, “Sure! Not a problem”

And he responded rudely, “Not a problem? It’s your job. It better not be.” I never hated a customer as much as that guy and I’ve had people yell at me before!

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Okay this is the funniest thing I’ll ever see.

  • Scene: Family stuck at a train stop
  • Dad: Ya know, I don't see trains with cabooses in the back that much anymore. I wonder how they feel about that.
  • Me: Probably left behind.
  • Dad: ...
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Sorry not sorry. Recorded on an iphone. Hopefully the sound doesn’t blow out to badly.

I can’t sing very well, I just like to :)

Based on this post.


My friend Kiaxet is trying to start a group for fans who live in the Los Angeles area of California!

You can join here:

Spread the word so we can have more fans meet each other and help each other out and whatnot.


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Dress made entirely of pages

I’m getting married in this. You can never stop me. 

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